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The Opening of 2020 World Data Center

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  The 12th Data Centre World UK, which attracted the attention of the industry, was held on March 11, 2020 at the EXCEL Convention and Exhibition Center in London. As an expert in the field of global backup power supply, Chinashoto are on excellent showing to global customers with 5G power supply solution, lithium-ion battery system and high rate lead-acid battery in London.

  With the release of the "New Infrastructure Construction" plan, urban infrastructure construction is closely integrated with new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and AI. The global demand for Data Centers has also exploded rapidly. For computer rooms of Data Center with mandatory online all year, power supply and distribution have always occupied an important position in the architecture. As the last line of defense on the entire bottom of the Data Center power supply and distribution, batteries have become the most focus of from Data Center operators.

 Over the years, Chinashoto has continuously strengthened technological innovation, created core technological competitiveness, and developed lithium-ion battery system solutions and high-rate lead-acid battery solutions for Data Centers.

  The battery system solution from Chinashoto Data Center uses the industry's highly stable lithium iron phosphate battery cells, which has the advantages of safety and reliability, long service life, small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance. Through the multi-level BMS system interactive communication, the intelligent management of the battery can be realized, and the voltage, current and temperature of the battery can be monitored in real time, which effectively reduces the operating cost and provides reliable backup power protection for key loads in the Data Center.

  The dual-density high-rate battery product line (for data centers only) includes 12V ultra-high-rate winding series, 12V high-rate series, 12V narrow-type high-rate series, and 2V high-rate series. High reliability and good safety, 15min standby power of the same capacity battery has reached the industry advanced level.

At this moment, in the face of the global spread of the coronavirus, all visitors in exhibition expressed a goodwill to the exhibitors. Many visitors paid great respect to the current China's contribution to fighting the coronavirus, which made us warmly.

  "You can't see us, we are always by your side". As a backup power storage expert, Chinashoto will continue to increase R&D investment, provide customers with first-class products and solutions, and provide continuous green energy for "new infrastructure".