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Shoto shows on SPI 2018

Views:5828         Author:admin2         Publish Time:2018-09-28

Shoto, the global leading energy storage system solutions supplier, presents its state-of-art lead-carbon battery storage container system, cyclic lithium ion battery system, and utility energy storage system (ESS) at the Solar Power International 2018 in ANAHEIM, USA.

Shoto is the global leading manufacturer of lead-carbon batteries and lithium-ion batteries for Telecom, IDC, automotive vehicles and ESS(Energy Storage System).In ESS market,Shoto develops, produces and supplies a variety of energy storage products  based on our excellent cell technology and experience. The battery solutions we supply with range from several KW to several MW used in energy storage stations now in operation, including microgrid system (e.g. off-grid energy storage stations on isolated islands), small energy storage system for residential use, medium-sized energy storage system for communities,and large energy storage system, to cater to diversified demands of different customers and application.

SPI is North America's premier business-to-business event which is for all professionals in the solar energy and other related fields. North America is one of the most dynamic PV markets in the world. Shoto is delighted to become an important player in this market and will continue to provide more innovative solutions for North American customers.