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Shoto power express indemnificated Boao Forum for Asia

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The four-day BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 has already closed, many hot topics were wonderfully presented, over 4000 Chinese and foreign guests and reporters gathered to discuss and spread the information of Boao.

Behind this, Shoto Power Express supported China Tower's "Boao Forum for Asia Emergency Preparedness Plan" and played an important role in successfully completing the forum's "high-speed," "stable," and "unimpeded" communications security services.

The Power Express developed by Shoto has successfully solved the high operating cost of traditional diesel generator sets with the characteristics of “shared supporting facilities, reduced maintenance costs”, “rapid deployment of standby power, improved repair efficiency” and “environmentally friendly, safe and reliable”. Inconvenient handling, no noise, and environment friendly, while providing differentiated maintenance services, effectively improving the quality of base station operation and maintenance. Since it was put into market use, it has been generally welcomed by users and has successively supported many major natural disasters and internationalization conferences.


The 9th BRICS Leaders' Meeting Held in Xiamen, Fujian Province from September 3rd to 5th, 2017Shoto actively cooperated with China Tower and three telecom operators to support 22 groups of Power Express and successfully accomplished this major safeguard task with the outstanding performance of “zero failure of the telecom sites”.


The scene of the tornado in 2016 is still fresh in its memory. On the day of the disaster, Shoto urgently deployed emergency materials such as Power Express to the scene to support communication security on the first time.

At 3:05 a.m. on September 15, 2016, “Meranti”, one of the strongest storms in the world’s seas, landed in Xiamen, causing the Xiamen power grid to be hit hard, causing a large number of substations to stop operation, and the city’s large-scale power outage, causing serious damage of telecom towers. Shoto arranged 50 sets of Power Express to Xiamen overnight, and arranged technical personnel to go to the scene to support, played an important role in communication protection. It was highly praised by China Tower who sent us the thanks letter as below.