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Chinashoto attended the 7th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo 2018, held “A Night with Shoto”

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“A Night with Shoto” was exclusively sponsored by Chinashoto

The 7th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo 2018 (ESIE 2018) is held from April 2nd to 4th in China National Convention Center, which was guided by National Energy Administration Science Technical Sector, supported by Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and China Energy Research Society, hosted by China Energy Storage Alliance(CNESA). Chinashoto attended the conference as the exclusive sponsorship of the welcome evening party and made the thematic speech, took part in the forum dialogue as well as releasing new product.

In the evening of April 3rd, Chinashoto held the welcome evening party “A Night with Shoto” in China National Convention Center Banquet Hall. More than 200 worldwide specialists of energy storage industry discussed the development prospect and the business model of the industry, enjoyed the night with Shoto.

Mr. Yang Shanji, the president of Chinashoto, made a welcome speech in order to appreciate the support and love for Chinashoto by all sectors of society, and then announced the strategic deployment of Chinashoto in energy storage and micro-grid industry. In the past year, Chinashoto based on the advanced lead carbon battery and lithium battery, cooperated with Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote the standardization of energy storage solution, carry out intelligent operating and maintaining data platform, optimize integrative capability of the system. The group completed a series of influential demonstration project in renewable energy storage, industrial park energy storage and PV+ storage micro-grid, such as PV+ storage station in Xizang Yangyi, wind power storage in Daqin Mingyang, micro-grid in East Group industrial park. Meanwhile, the energy storage micro-grid solutions of Chinashoto apply to several countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa, gain highly recognition from users and clients.

The welcome speech by Mr. Yang Shanji, the president of Chinashoto

Based on winning the award of technical innovation in 2017, Chinashoto got the award “Paragon of Energy Storage Application Innovation in 2018” on International Energy Storage Innovation Competition by right of the project in Xizang Yangyi, which was funded by Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited, constructed by Chinashoto and eTrust Power.

Paragon of Energy Storage Application Innovation in 2018

The year of 2017 can be seen as a milestone of energy storage industry development in China: first national guiding policy published; the policy of local support for industrial development published; several energy storage national standards implemented; the largest commercialized power station put into operation; the application value, commercialized and scale development gained attention and recognition of the society. It had demonstrated significance on technical accumulation, business operation model exploring and promoting energy system reform. Although national subsidy policy does not published yet, the energy storage industry is also confront with the issues of insufficient of technical maturity, high cost and innovation of business mode, the continuous extension of internal demand like peak shaving and frequency regulation still promote the development of energy storage industry.

Chinashoto, the leading supplier of green energy storage integrated services, concentrates on the exploitation and development of new energy generation system, electrical energy storage system, micro-grid and intelligent energy technology, provides various optimized system solutions to electricity, communication, petrochemical industries and remote areas. As the “National Environmentally Friendly Enterprise”, Chinashoto focuses on the strict management of design and exploitation, green procurement, system management, recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction, in order to create the green developing mode for the industry, build the green life for human, store the green future for earth.