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2018 ALABC conference of Chinese members and advanced lead-acid battery technology symposium held in Nanjing

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         On 13th-14th March, 2018 ALABC China Membership Conference and Advanced Lead Acid Battery Technical Workshop were held in Nanjing China, and this meeting was hosted by Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) and organized by Shoto. The ALABC is an international high-tech lead-acid battery R&D organization, and had made outstanding contributions to the technological progress of lead-acid batteries in the world. Its members come from all world regions including 91 the world's top lead acid batteries manufacturers, gold & lead manufacturers and research institutes.

       The conference was well attended by global experts and scholars worked in the lead-acid battery industry, including Mr. Yang Baofeng (Rotation Vice President of Shoto), Dr. Alistair Davidson (Product and Sustainable Development Director of International Lead Association), Dr. Boris Monahov (project director of ALABC) and Dr. Davssid Rand, one of the inventors of lead carbon batteries, from CSRIO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia). The attendees reported the progress of the current ALABC R&D projects, and discussed the development actuality and trend of advanced lead-acid battery technologies. This conference provided a good platform for Chinese advanced lead-acid battery manufacturers to communicate with top international experts.

Mr. Yang Baofeng

     Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, Yang Baofeng extended warm congratulations on the opening of the meeting and sincere welcome to all attendees. He presented Shoto, a member of ALABC and a leading industrial lead-acid battery manufacturer, are always working to actively explore and discover a new world with ever-growing energy. Shoto pursue perfection, and create an enterprise with strong force for sustainable development. Through this conference, We hope to exchange opinions in the development trend of new technology, promoting in-depth cooperation. Let us work together to climb the new technology peak of lead-acid battery.

Dr. Boris Monahov

Dr. Alistair Davidson

Dr. David Rand

Cai Xianyu

Dr. Liu Wei