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Shoto release eight new products and host a successful inauguration of new lead carbon battery project.

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On 25th Jan, Shoto host a ceremony on the successful inauguration of the new Lead carbon battery plant and release 8 new product. Many engineering academician, battery experts, industry organization, media and the government attended the ceremony.

Shoto president Mr. Zhou Ping made a speech

Shoto president Mr. Zhou Ping introduced Shoto's achievements in 2017 and future strategy and put more attention on the introduction of  lead carbon battery project which is  the National Engineering Foundation project established in 2014 and cooperation with The PLA Chemical Research Institute. The new lead carbon battery project is built to produce Start-Stop battery, high discharge rate battery and spiral battery, which will be used for vehicle starting, IDC power system, and special vehicle with low temperature engine starting.

Yang Yusheng ( academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) made a speech

Wu Feng ( academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) made a speech

The ceremony of start- stop battery industrialization project


Eight new product release

The highlight attention is on the eight new products release during the ceremony. The new products are used for different fields: telecom, energy storage, and new energy vehicles, which is a big breakthrough in the battery industry.

High discharge rate battery for IDC power system

Features: high power consistency, intelligent, high safety, long life. Connected with the intelligent wireless monitoring system, which can accurate ascertain the battery health and state of charge.

Start-Stop lead carbon battery

Features: Solve the hydrogen evolution issue; absorb the car's dynamic power from the braking energy with a best DCA performance.


Start-Stop lithium battery of 48 volts

Features: The charge rate is improved form 8C to 40C, which can save the fuel cost at least 15%.


High voltage lithium-ion battery for IDC power system

Features: intelligent centralized monitoring system. Convenient installation and maintenance, unattended operation, long cycle life, high-energy conversion efficiency and low investment cost.


Electric vehicle lithium iron phosphate battery system

Features: the energy density is 143Wh/kg; reach the highest sector level. The battery is module designed for easy installation.


Smart operation platform

Shoto and Electrotechnical Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the smart operating platform, which can realize the visualization and maintenance of fine management, real-time data collection and historical analysis report, rapid positioning and troubleshooting ability.

1MWh lithium-ion battery container system

The lithium battery energy storage container system adopts modular design to realize the free collocation of battery pack capacity, and has one flexible operation mode.It supports the energy, battery, heat management.


Smart BTS management system

Smart BTS management system can monitor the power system, to achieve fine management, and improve operational efficiency.