Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Platform

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Intelligent cloud platform integrates maintenance data infographically, provides predictive management and big data analysis. The platform can realize the global coverage of energy storage plants, microgrids and other energy systems, provide real-time collection of field data, big data expert system, health status, predictive maintenance and early warning. The platform adopts standardized interface, data flow, business intelligence, and cross platform development stretegies to build versatile solution.

Core Service Plan

Intelligent data monitoring, collection and preservation in real time; intelligent monitoring system process the alarms or warnings automatically and efficiently.

Big data analysis, make clear of the key indicators of ESS, so that owners and investors can handle the operation in real-time.

Analysis of power generation efficiency and system optimization to increase efficiency and output throughout the life cycle to maximize the benefits of ESS.

Using preventive operation and maintenance concepts to prevent potential risks and to ensure the ESS at a healthy status.