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Inclusiveness and symbiosis, empowering 5G丨Shuangdeng speaks at the 2021 World 5G Conference
Views:7025Author:admin2 Publish Time:2021-09-03

From August 31 to September 1, the 2021 World 5G Conference will be held in Beijing. With the theme of "5G Deep Cultivation, Harmony and Symbiosis", this conference was co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the meeting, more than 1,500 influential experts in the global information and communication field, world-renowned 5G service providers, and 5G industry application providers focused on key words such as “Industry, Economy, and Innovation” to focus on 5G cross-border integration and discuss the future of 5G Development plan. Dr. Yang Baofeng, CEO of Shuangdeng attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech.

The "2021 World 5G Conference" is composed of exhibitions and 5G application design unveiling competitions. Among them, the forum explained how 5G can provide support for digital transformation, intelligent upgrade and integration innovation in various fields of economy and society, outlines the full-scale implementation of 5G in the consumer market and the progress of the entire industry field, and focuses on the interpretation of the deep collaboration between the hot vertical industry and the communications industry.

At the 5G and Carbon peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum, Dr. Yang Baofeng, Executive President of Shuangdeng, gave a keynote report on "Energy and 5G Symphony as a memorial of carbon-peak and neutrality ". From the perspective of 5G development, communication infrastructure development and the deep integration of dual-carbon construction, it explains the value of 5G's own empowerment of clean energy, smart manufacturing, smart grid and other vertical industries, and the challenges facing China's digital infrastructure decarbonization.


In response to the current situation, Shuangdeng, as a smart energy expert in the global information and communication field, took the carbon -peak and neutrality goal as the starting point to share smart communication lithium batteries, outdoor power supply system energy-saving solutions, 5G base station power supply systems based on microgrid technology, data room and UPS lithium battery systems Solutions, micro-grid technology to create high-reliability and low-carbon data centers and other solutions to "reduce carbon" or even "zero carbon" in the construction of 5G and digital communication infrastructure.

5G is in the ascendant, the "digital world" is accelerating, and the "digital economy" promotes a new round of growth in the world economy. A digital world with perception, interconnection of everything, and intelligent connection of everything is accelerating. As an infrastructure service provider in the field of digital economy, Shuangdeng fulfills the purpose of this conference of "5G deep cultivation, coexistence and symbiosis", make independent innovation, technology leadership, and the industry chain cooperate and achieve win-win results to empower 5G.


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