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Shuangdeng was awarded "Top 10 Brand Value of China's Electrical Industry in 2020"
Views:3834Author:admin2 Publish Time:2020-05-23

On May 10th, marking the fourth Chinese Brand Day in China, the China Brand Building Promotion Association, together with the China Assets Appraisal Association and other units, held the "2020 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release" online event in the Xinhuanet studio. It is reported that this year, under the premise of higher requirements for participation in the evaluation, the number of brands declared for evaluation reached 830, including leading companies in most industries. The number of brands released this time reached 564, with a total brand value of 7356.3 billion yuan, and the average brand value increased by 5.1% over last year. Among them, there are 15 brands with a brand value of more than 100 billion yuan.

Shuangdeng Group Co., Ltd. won the top ten brands in the electrical industry in 2020. The following is a detailed ranking of the TOP10 brands in China's electrical industry in 2020:

Data source: Compiled by China Brand Building Promotion Association and China Business Industry Research Institute

Shuangdeng will continue to take "creating a green model for the industry, creating a green life for mankind, and storing green for the earth" as its mission in the future, sincerely creating eternal energy aesthetics, and climbing will never stop!


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