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Shuangdeng joins hands with JAC to create a circular economy
Views:3833Author:admin Publish Time:2020-01-17

On January 15-16, 2020, the 9th JAC CSR (Corporate-Social-Responsibility) Forum was grandly held in Macau, China. Dr. Yang Rui, President of Shuangdeng Group, was invited to attend the event with more than 200 guests from communication operators, communication equipment suppliers, CSR evaluation agencies, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility related departments, and research institutions from dozens of countries around the world.

JAC is a joint organization jointly initiated by 16 overseas operators including AT&T, Vodafone, KPN, MTS, Orange, Proximus, Rogers, Telefónica, Verizon, etc. The purpose is to promote closer cooperation between overseas operators and suppliers to increase the overall supply. The transparency of the chain in environmental protection, occupational health, social responsibility, etc, and assist suppliers in continuous improvement in these areas, and promote sustainable development.

In the spirit of co-operation beyond competition, this forum focuses on the circular economy in the telecommunications industry, focusing on consumer trends and new regulations related to the "circular economy", as well as the zero waste that this brings to the supply chain , New opportunities in energy decarbonization and ecological design. It aims to regulate the environment through a circular economy and jointly respond to the challenges of global resources and environmental issues.

At the "Circular Economy-Industry Responsibility" seminar, Mr. Yang Rui, Group President, together with domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and industry leaders contemplated the future and discussed strategies to promote the sustainable development of the supply chain. He said that as early as 2011, Shuangdeng passed the JAC social responsibility assessment, and this year is the seventh time to be invited to share experience at the conference. Shuangdeng has always been practicing social responsibility, taking the lead in building a recycling industry chain, constantly innovating technology and management, and continuing to provide customers with green recycling product solutions, open sharing with customers, and win-win cooperation.

Fulfilling corporate social responsibility is the mission that Shuangdeng Group has been following since its establishment. As the only battery supplier company selected, we are honored to join Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, and Sony to become honorary members of the academic community and build a recycling society with upstream and downstream customers in the supply chain. Make due contributions to the creation of a green, low-carbon and harmonious ecological environment for mankind!


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