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Shuangdeng Group is listed on the top 500 global new energy companies for the 8th time
Views:3813Author:admin Publish Time:2019-10-25

On October 22, at the 2019 Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum, the 9th Global Top 500 New Energy Companies Summit was grandly held. At the meeting, the “2019 Global Top 500 New Energy Companies List” was released, and Shuangdeng Group ranked 8th Times on the list.

The selection of the top 500 global new energy companies is a large-scale public welfare activity jointly launched by China Energy News and China Energy Economic Research Institute for authoritative research and evaluation of the new energy industry. The purpose of the list is to create an authoritative and fair global new energy company ranking platform to reflect the development of the global new energy industry and determine the international market status of energy companies. It has become a weather vane reflecting the basic characteristics, latest changes and important trends of the global new energy industry.

As a green energy storage expert, Shuangdeng Group has been listed on the “Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises” for eight times with its high-performance products, comprehensive after-sales service and first-class service. The Shuangdeng brand is highly recognized by global customers. Products and solutions are exported to 127 countries and regions, serving nearly 2 billion people worldwide.

President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the forum. He pointed out that low-carbon energy development is related to the future of mankind. China attaches great importance to low-carbon energy development and actively promotes energy consumption, supply, technology, and institutional revolutions. The congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping gave us great confidence. Over the years, Shuangdeng Group has always adhered to the ecological culture of green operation, firmly promoted the green and low-carbon business, and paid attention to the green development of the entire industrial chain from design and development, green procurement, green production, and recycling. Provide smart energy operations for the new era of interconnection of all things and intelligence of all things. On the road of low-carbon development of energy, we will never stop climbing!


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