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NM Series VRLA Battery NM-450

Product Brief

Main Applications

Backup power for diesel engine starting system

Backup power for signals and lighting system

Backup power for military and maritime equipment


Long Design Life: The locomotive running 6 years or more than 900000 km (25 ℃)

Long Cycle Life: The starting life is more than 10000 times, the 5 hour rate capacity is more than 85%

Strong Starting Ability: Starting current is 2100-2200A, starting time is more than 300s (25℃±5℃); Starting current is1700-1800A, starting time is more than50s (-40℃±1℃)


ISO 9001:2008 (NO. 03015Q10076R4M)

ISO 14001:2004 (NO. 03016E10080R2L)

GB/T 28001-2011 (NO. 03014S10092R2M)


Technical Features

TLong service life, with independent intellectual property rights of sealed patent technology

Advanced grid design enhance the utilization of active material and the service life

Die-casting copper core with bigger diameter, enhance the high current discharge performance

Easy handing with handle.


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  • Backup power
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  • Motive power
  • Floating
  • Cycling
  • High Temperature
  • IDC
  • UPS or EPS
  • Household ESS
  • Commercial & Industrial ESS
  • Start/stop scenario
  • Electric energy