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Liquid-cooled LFP Battery Energy Storage System
SDC-ESS-S1228.8V3.047MWh large-capacity liquid-cooled containerized energy storage system, mainly used in large-scale renewable energy generation consumption, power grid peak regulation and frequen...

Product Brief

Liquid-cooled LFP Battery Energy Storage System

System configuration:          


It is composed of 3072 3.2V/310Ah LFP batteries in series parallel, and the voltage is 1228.8V;

Battery management system;

Liquid cooling unit/ thermal management system, fire protection system, on-site monitoring system;



Solar and wind energy new energy power generation systems; Multi-energy complementary microgrids; Peak shaving and valley filling in power systems; Voltage, reactive power support; Frequency modulation and load tracking; Delay the upgrading of user power distribution systems.


Characteristics and advantages of liquid-cooled lithium battery energy storage system

High Safety: The battery module protection level is IP65 or above, which can effectively prevent condensation and salt spray erosion;

High Reliability: The integrated design of the battery insert box and the liquid-cooled heat dissipation board effectively increases the reliability of heat dissipation contact;

Reduce Energy Consumption: the design of radian grid for liquid and cold water channels increases the heat exchange area and greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency;

High Applicability: extruded aluminum profiles for liquid cold plate, increasing product strength, suitable for various scenarios;

High Efficiency Liquid Cooling Technology: intelligent temperature control balanced design, single PACK temperature difference ≤ 2.5 °C;

High Energy Density: battery rack and container welding as one, compact structure layout, improve space utilization, to meet the needs of system structure stability;

Multi-dimensional Fire Protection Design: equipped with battery-level, PACK-level, cabin-level three-level fire protection design, equipped with temperature sensitivity, combustible gas detection and other detection sensors, water firefighting, cabin gas firefighting and PACK-level gas fire protection compatible design, flexible selection;

Standardized Module: The standardized module design is adopted, which has strong scalability and can meet the power and energy requirements of different scenarios. All components are pre-installed in the factory, saving on-site installation and commissioning workload and meeting the overall marine transportation.

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