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Air-cooled LFP Battery Energy Storage System
Air-cooled LFP battery containerized energy storage system is mainly used in large-scale renewable energy generation consumption, power grid peak regulation and frequency regulation, emergency back...

Product Brief

Air-cooled LFP Battery Energy Storage System

System configuration:          


A set of lithium iron phosphate battery system is adopted;

Battery management system;

One set of air conditioning/thermal management system, one set of fire protection system, one set of local monitoring system;



Solar and wind energy new energy power generation systems; Multi-energy complementary microgrids; Peak shaving and valley filling in power systems; Voltage, reactive power support; Frequency modulation and load tracking; Delay the upgrading of user power distribution systems.


Features and advantages of air-cooled lithium battery energy storage system

High Safety: the use of lithium iron phosphate material system, with high safety, long life, stable and reliable characteristics; Equipped with a BMS system can monitor the cell voltage, current temperature and equipment status in real time to ensure the safe operation of the battery; The cabin body adopts isolated high safety design;

Advanced Thermal Management Technology: the battery module adopts active heat dissipation design, and the battery cluster adopts step-by-step efficient thermal management design to ensure efficient and uniform heat dissipation of energy storage batteries;

High Rate Discharge: The module has superior rate charging/discharging performance, and the maximum sustainable 0.5C charge and discharge can meet different application scenarios;

Standardized Module: The standardized module design is adopted, which has strong scalability and can meet the power and energy requirements of different scenarios. The integrated BMS design and standard communication protocol ensure the plug-and-play use of energy storage modules, support integrated transportation, and support one-stop installation.


Cambodia Battambang 10MWh lithium battery energy storage project


Sichuan 1MW/2.3MWh lithium battery energy storage project

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