Outdoor Cabinet Instructions

Outdoor cabinet series products are designed and manufactured based on the requirements of huge demand of outdoor station construction of telecom operators and tower companys. We design and development our products in strict accordance with the relevant technical specications of the communications industry and we have passed the test certicate by China telecommunication technology labs. The cabinet has excellent anti-wind, anti-sand, anti-rain, anti-sun and anti-theft function, its protection grade can reach IP55. User can select single cabinet or two or three together in accordance with the site condition. User can choose air conditioner, heat exchange or forced air cooling to monitoring the temperature inside the cabinet. User can select standard size 19’ or 23’ cabinets or request us to design according to the site.

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Outside view of cabinets

Outdoor cabinets can be divided into equipment cabinets, battery cabinets and multiple cabinets based on the function, the main parameters and the performance of the cabinet are as follows:

1.Base Requirements

Work temperature range :-40℃~+50℃

Storage temperature range :-25℃~+55℃

Relative humidity requirement:5%~100%

Atmospheric pressure :62kpa~101kpa

Solar radiation intensity:Total radiation intensity 1120×(1±10%)W/m2

2.Appearance and surface treatment

The cabinet surface coating color gray white or light gray in compliance with the requirements of 3181-1995 GB/T, or obey user’s requirements.

3.Structure characteristics

The outdoor cabinet can install rectier, monitoring unit,DC air conditioner or other auxiliary equipment according with user’s requirements, Cabinet size can be exibly customized according to design requirements.

Outdoor cabinet is made of double color steel boards which thickness is no less than 0.5mm, lled the heat Insulated ame retardant board material which thickness is no less than 50mm between the double color steel boards, to ensure that the temperature keeping in the proper range even the cabinet in the harsh environment.

4.Technical Parameters

4.1 Equipment outdoor Cabinet

4.2 Battery Outdoor Cabinet(DC48V)