HEL Series High Energy Long Life Battery

With the advanced lead-acid battery production technology, SHOTO HEL series optimizes the plate, active material, container and electrolyte. Our products comforms to standard Japan JIS C8704-2:2006, GB/T 22473-2008 and IEC60896-2, 2004.

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Main Applications

Storage for solar, wind and hydroelectricity energy

Backup power for UPS, emergency illumination

Off-grid & bad-grid environment


High energy density, better performance at high current

and high power application

20 years designed life at 25°C

Easy maintenance and low TCO cost

Higher security, more reliability and stability

Technical Features

Lower internal resistance and voltage drop, more

suitable for high power and high current discharge

Lower self-discharge rate, better charging acceptability, high sealed reaction efficiency

Excellent craftsmanship, high battery consistency