SDA10-4850AC lithium iron phosphate battery integrated system

SDA10-4850AC lithium iron phosphate, integrated battery system, provides DC or AC integrated backup power supply. The system is congured with an AC output power distribution unit, a power supply and LiFePO4 battery pack. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, safety, environmental protection, high reliability, strong function and exible conguration. It can also provide power supply guarantee for all kinds of communication equipment, environmental monitoring, air conditioning, lighting and so on.

Shoto Mall

Application Scenarios

Outdoor sites with AC power supply

Product features

High protection level
Cabinet meet the IP55 protection standard

Mechanical protection design
Resistent box for outdoor application with anti-theft lock

Environmental adaptability
Cabinet included heat insulation, ventilation or other cooling solutions, depending from the climatic einviroment

Flexible configuration
AC and DC power supply system consists of the AC input, AC output distribution, lightning protection, battery module, the size and number of inputs and outputs can be exibly congured

Monitoring communication
The system has RS232 or RS485, dry contact and other communication interface, easy access to dynamic monitoring system, and other equipment to achieve a unied monitoring and management

Easy installation and maintenance
The system can realize the full front maintenance operation, and has enough operation and maintenance space, which can be easily replaced by AC and DC components,at the same time can provide a variety of optional installation accessories, to meet a variety of holding pole, wall, landing and other installation requirements

Efficient battery management
Battery pack and monomer with over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit and temperature protection and other functions

Technical Parameters