Lithium-ion Traction Battery Standard Pack

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High-energy density LFP cells, cell specific energyxi>150Wh/kg.

Lightweight design: multi-level lightweight and advanced system integration technology, specific energy of the system > 115Wh / kg.

The cycle life: 8 years / 200,000 km.

Standard pack: standard pack design compatible with multi-platforms, the whole vehicle can be configured according to requirements.

Better environmental adaptability: meet IP67.

Anti-corrosion: the products pass 720h Salt Spray Test.Product certification: the automotive industry ISO / TS16949 related system certification, and through the national third-party testing).

Active balance: BMS active equalization for automatic maintenance of the battery system.

Custom Design: Customized development on battery pack is available to guarantee optimized overall layout of the complete whole vehicle.

Main Applications

Electrical vehicles (e.g., middle-size coach, large coach, tourist bus, and city bus)