Super Capacitor Module

Super Capacitor Module

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The cycle life is more than 1,000,000cycles.

Its gravimetric specic power is around 12KW/kg.

It has superior high-and-low temperature characteristics: working environmenttemperature can reach to -40℃~+65℃.

High energy conversion eciency.

High safety, no burning or explosion under abuse, maintenance free under long term service.

Convenient testing and management, linear charging and discharging voltage curves can be easily used to calculate its SOC status.

Green product, environmentally friendly. No toxic materials and no pollution.

Main application fields

Wind turbine blade pitch angle adjustment
Substitute various power-type batteries, supply transient energy for wind turbine blade pitch angle adjustment system to ensure the best working status of the generators and improve the systematic safety level.

Low temperature ICE starting of the vehicles
At very low temperature, the normal battery can't start the vehicle engine. If the super capacitor is equipped with the starting battery, it cannot only protect the starting battery, prolong its service life, but also reduce its reserve capacity. Especially under very low temperature or battery SOC, it can ensure the starting of the engine.

Smart power grid
When smart micro power grid is being switch ed from on-grid mode to off-grid mode, the super capacitor module can supply transient power shortage. It can be used as the energy buffer device that stores excessive electric energy at the valley time and supply the electric energy during the peak time.

New energy electric vehicles
The service life, spec ific power, enduranc e mileage of t he present pow er-type batteries can't meet the requirements of electric vehicle. Paralleling Super capacitor with power-type battery as the main power source has been accepted as the first choice for hybrid electric vehicles at home and abroad. There are three application modes: (1) Supplying transient power to alleviate th e power output pressure of the battery and prolong the battery service life within the startup ,acceleration and climbing of the electric vehicles. (2) Being used as the auxiliary starting device under low temperature. (3) Regenerating the brake energy and extending

Locomotive engine staring
It can easily start the diesel engine of the locomotive.

Rail guided shuttle vehicles in automatic warehouse
In the intelligent high density warehouse, the rail guided shuttle vehicles is now being powered by lithium ion battery that has a short service life and low charge speed. Usually, another spare part is needed. Especially in the refrigerated warehouse where the inside temperature is around -30℃ , the performances of the lithium ion battery system remarkably worsens and stops working soon. Then, super capacitor becomes the best choice under this kind of the situation.

Peak shaving and valley filling
Super capacitor can absorb and release energy very quickly, and is very suitable to be used in the peak shaving and valley filling system, rail transport power grid, micro enterprise power grid that has very large load and requires high quality electric power.

Product specification and main parameters

Characteristic curves