Microgrid System

With Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SHOTO, relaying on leading edge in energy storage area R&D micro-grid energy control management. At present, micro-grid solutions which can meet the requirement of domestic and foreign market development have been developed. The Microgird consists of various electricity generating units, energy storage systems, microgrid energy management system and so on. The microgrid can operate with grid-tied or islanded mode, and can be transferred seamlessly between them. Rely on the leading superiority in energy storage eld and research along with IEE-CAS, Shoto has developed the core technology of micro grid control, which applies standardized monitoring system based on IEC61850, energy optimization management strategies and can meet the increasing needs of the domestic and foreign market solutions.

Shoto Mall

Core Technology

Distributed power plug and play

Reverse power control / bidirectional transmission

Independent operation 

Energy control and management optimization

New energy power generation forecasting           

Grid connected operation

IEC 61850 communication system

Islanding detection and control

Independent / grid connected seamless switching technology

Technical Features

Advanced technology, safe and reliable

In economic efficiency, service diversity

Flexible, open and friendly


Suitable for optical storage system, multi energy hybrid power supply system, peak shaving and valley filling system, remote area off grid system, distributed and grid connected system, independent Island photovoltaic power station and so on.