Rolling Energy

Shoto Rolling Energy has been developed to gain advantages for the portable transport, large capacity storage, ecient photovoltaic charging and rich interfaces. This product adopts the rod-type luggage box structure made of modied PP alloy with the characteristics of llow-temperature performance and impact resistance. The application of lithium-ion battery permit to this power battery to have higher safety performance, excellent temperature performance and high specic energy. This product is compatible with two charging methods: fast charging with photovoltaic panels for the battery when sunny and grid charging when not using the photovoltaic panel. It has rich power output interfaces that can output standard sinusoidal AC, 12V DC ,5V DC and is easy to supply power for common electric appliance, and it also equipped with features which could be helpful for usage with a car like emergency ignition, tire compressor and emergency light.

Shoto Mall

Application Scenarios

Long-distance self-driving trips, long-distance marine operations

Car auxiliary power, tire ination and emergency ignition

Adventure, camping ,shing and other outdoor activities

Unstable mains regions such as seaside, grassland and depopulated zone

Backup power for disaster relief, important meetings and activities

Product Features

Compatible with both charging ways - mains and photovoltaic (PV)

Advanced MPPT technology, tracking eciency up to 99.5%

500W standard domestic sinusoidal AC output

Safely starting the car at anytime and anywhere

Compressor inating quickly for the tyre

12V cigarette socket and 5V USB for various kinds of electronic products

LED indicating operating state, LCD displaying battery capacity

Equipped with chargeable multi-le brightness adjustment LED lamp, more exible and varied xed way

Complete electrical protection function

Technical Parameters

Reference Running Time for Electrical Appliance